Welcome to the Reading Nook – my long coming book review page. I’ve been reading books for as long as I can remember – you can regularly find me curled up on my couch, hair up, book in hand. 

I’ve long thought about setting up my own page to review the books I read, for a few reasons – one, for myself so I can read these reviews in the future to revisit my opinions on a book – I tend to read so many that unless it’s an amazing book, or one that really touches me, I forget what it was about. Secondly, just to share my opinions with everyone who stumbles upon this page – not a lot of people in my immediate circle enjoy reading, so my thoughts and opinions on a book go unheard and one of the big joys of reading is being able to share how a book touches you or moves you or causes you to think in a certain way.

I won’t be reviewing only new and current books – I am a loyal member of my local library which, while charming, isn’t the most up to date, so a lot of what I read has been out for a while, may be slightly older, may be well known, or may not be known at all. Books can be expensive, and while I would happily spend my entire month’s wages in the book shop, unfortunately life and all it’s other expenses get in the way. 

Either way, be it new or old, I hope you enjoy my reviews, my opinions, and I hope if you read this page, you get involved in the comments, I’d love to hear your views, and recommendations! 

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