What would you do if faced with the man of your dreams…kind of? That’s the subject matter of Giovanna Fletcher’s novel, Dream A Little Dream.

The story revolves around Sarah and her gang of friends, including, awkwardly enough, her ex boyfriend Dan and his girlfriend ‘Perfect’ Lexie.

Sarah is almost 30, single, and working as a PA to her disgusting and patronising boss Jonathan, in media firm Red Brick Productions. She has nothing much going on in her life apart from weekly table quizzes with her friends in the local pub, and trying to avoid her ever disappointed mother.

The only exciting thing to happen to Sarah is Brett Last – a handsome, funny and caring man she is crazy about. The only problem is he’s her dream man. Literally – she dreams about him almost every night but she doesn’t actually know him – she vaguely remembers meeting him years before through a friend but they didn’t keep in touch.

That is until a new vacancy comes up in her workplace. Feeling undervalued and needing a challenge, Sarah interviews for the new job but she loses out…to no other than the real Brett Last. He has some differences of course – nobody can live up to the dream version of themselves, but Sarah finds herself befriending the ‘real’ Brett…

I didn’t expect to like this book as much as I did..I’ve read other books of Fletcher’s and while they’re nice, they’re always a bit too sweet. However, this was just the light hearted and easy read kind of book that I needed after the last book I read (the previously reviewed A Small Dark Quiet). It’s what I call a fluff read – easy language, flows well, you can almost guess how the ending is going to be and it doesn’t require too much thinking.

It’s a perfect light / holiday read – the characters are likeable and witty, the protaganist is just ordinary enough to be believable but also to care about what happens to her and the story is something that I’m sure many people have thought about – what if we meet the person of our dreams?

Fletcher writes about difficult life situations in her book too, and she does it quite well – some of the subjects she touches on have the potential to bring what is essentially a comedy – drama book down.

If I had to find a negative in this, it would be the fact that Fletcher is obviously uncomfortable writing sex or passionate scenes – for example, in one dream sequence, she refers to Brett’s ‘piece’ (his penis for those who didn’t pick up on that) and she tends to skirt around the whole thing. It disrupts the flow of the writing and while I wasn’t expecting 50 Shades of Grey or anything like it, I think if you’re going to write a sex scene, then you should write a sex scene, instead of a clumsy attempt at one.

However, on the whole, I enjoyed this book, I got through it quickly and I’d recommend it for a quick read or a holiday book – you’re probably not going to remember it for long after you close the last page but it will make you smile and you’ll get that warm fuzzy feeling that only comes from reading a really nice book.

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