‘In 1952, two young lovers, Fawn Burrows and Walter Brown, meet backstage in a beautiful West End theatre during a production of When The Curtain Falls. Between clandestine meetings and stolen moments, they must hide their love from the one person who will stop at nothing to keep Fawn for himself. But life in the theatre doesn’t always follow the script, and tragedy and heartache are waiting in the wings for all the players…

Almost seventy years later, a new production arrives at the theatre, bringing with it Oscar Bright and Olive Green and their budding romance. But no sooner has the new cast settled into their dressing-rooms than strange things begin to happen. Ghosts of productions past haunt the theatre, or so the story goes. Can Oscar and Olive get to the truth of the matter before tragedy strikes once more?’

There’s nothing really much to say about this book. It’s not bad, it’s just not anything special. It’s a nice story and it’s an easy read, but it’s overdramatic in it’s writing, it’s full of teenage type angst and ‘why doesn’t he love me back’ type of drama. For a book aimed at adults, I think it’s much more suited to teenagers.

It’s hard to read the main character without picturing Fletcher herself and it seems clear that she’s written herself and her actor boyfriend into the story.

The whole book feels a bit rushed, with characters falling in love in the space of what seems like a few hours of meeting each other, and it almost seems like the author couldn’t be bothered fleshing out the backgrounds and the stories of her characters.

It wouldn’t put me off reading more books from the same author, her books serve well as almost a palette cleanser between heavier, more substantial books, but I wouldn’t be quick to recommend this book.

2 thoughts on “When The Curtain Falls – Carrie Hope Fletcher

  1. Totally agree with you! I read this a while back and it definitely felt like Olive was inspired by herself 🙂


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