‘Aisling is 29 and she’s still a complete Aisling.

After a tough year, things between herself and John are back on track, and life with Sadhbh and Elaine in their notiony Dublin apartment is more craic than ever.

But when a shock change means moving Down Home might be her only option, Aisling is thrown. Can she give up the sophistication of brunch and unlimited Pinot Greej? Will she and Mammy kill each other living back under the same roof? And where does that leave her and John?

When a girls’ trip to Vegas gives Aisling some unexpected confidence, she decides it’s time to grab Ballygobbard by the horns.

Throw in a surprise engagement, a very publicĀ  brawl, new friends and nasty foes, maybe BGB is just what Aisling needs to discover she’s stronger than she ever imagined.’

‘The Importance of Being Aisling’ is the eagerly awaited sequel to the hugely popular ‘Oh my God What a Complete Aisling’, the book that came from the Facebook group created by the authors. If you aren’t aware of it, as I think it’s a mainly Irish thing, Aisling is a good old country girl living in the big city. She loves a bargain, loves a night out in Coppers with her trust West Coast Cooler in hand, and she hates people who don’t wash their own dishes and use other’s cups.

The first book was really enjoyable, and laugh out loud funny, but I think I actually preferred the sequel. Again, while the writing and some of the slang used might not translate so well outside of Ireland, I really enjoyed it and found it hilarious at times. The authors really have a knack of creating characters that everyone can see a little bit of themselves in, and more than once I found myself laughing (and sometimes cringing) along and saying ‘yes I think I’ve done that!’ to myself.

It’s definitely a feel good book, and while I don’t see the subject matter or the writing winning any big literary awards, it’s a page turner and it’s so easy to read that before long you’ll be turning the last page and smiling away to yourself.

You find yourself really rooting for the characters because they are you, or your friends, or your sister or your cousin – they’re really relatable, down to earth characters, who get into situations that you can easily imagine yourself in, and for this reason you really begin to care about them, and you really want them to get their happy endings.

I think this is a perfect holiday read, or a kind of palette cleanser between more serious, heavy books. It lifts the mood and the fact that it’s such an easy and quick read (I read it in less than a day) means that you’ll be eager to pick up your next book and dive in.

I’d definitely recommend it to someone who enjoys light hearted reads, a novel with lots of humour in it, and to anyone who enjoys books with a strong but down to earth and relatable female protagonist. You should definitely pick it up and try to find your inner ‘Aisling’ – we all have one!



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