The person who loves the addict exhausts and renews their love on a daily basis.

In this vivid and powerful collection of essays, Emilie Pine writes about all the things she shouldn’t say.

Addressing addiction, fertility, feminism, sexual violence and depression, Notes To Self is raw, funny and honest.

Unsentimental and brave, this startling debut breaks new ground in the field of personal essays.’

It’s a little bit difficult for me to review this book. Don’t get my wrong, I absolutely loved it, so much so that I devoured it in a day. But it is a personal book, written about a person’s real life experiences and how do you critique something like that? There is no plot to talk about as such, because it is a collection of essays about different things that happened in the author’s life.

But I am full of praise for this book. It is heartfelt, honest, and raw, and the author doesn’t back down from addressing her own flaws, and celebrating herself, all at the same time.

I felt myself cheering internally as I read the stories about feminism, about female body empowerment, about the pressures we put on ourselves as females, and how reluctant the outside world is to take that pressure off of us.

It is a feminist book, in the least ‘offensive’ meaning of the word – it praises women, celebrates them, and the female body and all of it’s functions, without unnecessarily condemning men – only the men that deserve condemnation.

The author writes about her father’s alcohol addiction, her own sexual history and the violence included in that, her eating disorder, her battles with fertility, and her parents’ separation in a matter of fact way, but with just the right amount of emotion – I found I could empathise with her, but none of the stories felt like they were being overly dramatic, or looking for sympathy.

The writing is completely honest, and as I said before, raw. There is no sugar coating the subjects in the book. The situations are relayed as they happened, warts and all and an honesty like that is refreshing. They are also well written – paced well, conversational, and easy to follow. I not only couldn’t put it down, but I didn’t want it to end. I was genuinely disappointed when I closed the last page, I could have happily read the book twice over and not have been bored.

I will most definitely be keeping an eye out for futher works of this author, and I’d recommend this book easily. Definitely to women, and honestly, I know some men who could probably learn something about women from reading this. So I’d recommend it to everyone!

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