Welcome to this week’s Two For Tuesday’, a weekly post hosted by myself, The Reading Nook, where each Tuesday I will pick a bookish topic and discuss two of my favourite (or least favourite) things about that topic! If you feel like joining in, feel free to use the above picture, and don’t forget to link back to the post so everyone can see!

So, this week’s topic is: Two female characters you’d love to go for a coffee and a chat with.

There are so many female characters that I’ve read and loved over the years, so this was hard to narrow down. I gave it a lot of thought, both about who I would choose, and why, and I finally came to this conclusion:

-Ruth Jefferson, from Small Great Things by Jodi Picoult. Ruth raises her teenage son to be respectful but strong, and teaches him how to be safe and how to protect himself in a world that will see his skin colour first. She balances her home life with her career as a midwife. I would like to talk with her about how she felt when she was charged with the death of a baby, despite following orders, and how would she like to change the system so that prejudice and racism is just not accepted or brushed aside? I’d like to ask her how she finds it in her to show compassion to others when it wasn’t shown to her? I think she would be fascinating and enlightening to talk to.

-Marie-Laure from All The Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr. Marie-Laure went blind at the age of six, and it was just her and her father in their family. When Nazis invade Paris, Marie-Laure and her father have to flee to her great-uncle’s home, in hopes of safety. Her father builds her a model replica of the city, so she can independently make her way around. I would love to ask her how she coped with the fear of knowing the Nazis could arrive at her door at any minute. I’d like to talk to her about the world as a blind sixteen year old, how she experienced the world differently, and if she ever felt bitter or angry about losing her sight. I think she would be a really interesting coffee companion.

So! Those are this week’s ‘Two For Tuesday’ choices. What do you think? Who would you choose?

I tag Kirsty @ Ramblings Of The Book Addict and Kelly @ FromBelgiumWithBookLove to give their take on this post! If anyone else would like to be tagged, leave your name in the comments and I’ll tag you!

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