Welcome to this week’s ‘Two For Tuesday’, a weekly post hosted by myself, The Reading Nook, where each week I pick a bookish topic and discuss two of my favourite (or least favourite) things about that topic! If you feel like joining in, feel free to use the above picture, and don’t forget to link back to the post so everyone can see!

This week’s topic: Two main characters you love to hate.

This means those characters that boil your blood, and make you want to reach into the book and shake them. I always think it’s a sign of a great author if they can write a thoroughly unlikable character but not ruin the story.

So, the characters I love to hate are:

-Delia Russell from Skin Deep by Liz Nugent. Delia, or Cordelia as she was known as in her childhood, is completely and obnoxiously spoiled by her father. She grows into a repugnant young woman, who is only concerned with herself, and even becoming a wife and a mother doesn’t change her. She goes through life using people for her own gain, and eventually ends up alone and bitter. While I absolutely LOVED Skin Deep, and think it’s a fantastic novel, I absolutely hated Delia!

-Maurice Swift from A Ladder To The Sky by John Boyne. Another Boyne character shows up, but this time for opposing reasons. I would not like to sit and talk to Maurice, I would like to slap him and tell him what a dick he is. He uses the lives of those around him as fodder for his books, and plagiarises the works of others. Similar to Delia above, he uses people to benefit himself, and also proves himself to be a terrible parent. I never once rooted for him, or saw him redeeming himself, he is a truly odious character.

What characters do you love to hate? Share in the comments, or feel free to do your own post, and link back!

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