Welcome to my stop on the ‘Take Me To The Edge’ blog tour!

‘Five words are all it takes to provoke a chain of creation.

This is what Katya Boirand discovered the first time she asked a friend for five words and then turned them into a poem, using the words and the subject as her inspiration. This spark started a movement, and soon Katya was asking friends and strangers alike for their five words of choice.

Take Me To The Edge is a selection of these poems, sitting alongside a portrait of each subject, in this stunning and joyous celebration of language, connection and art.’

Take Me To The Edge is the first book I’ve ever accepted to review as part of a tour, and it was a bit of a gamble – I love poetry but I wasn’t sure how I would feel reviewing a book full of poems. Well, I can safely say that the gamble paid off – this is a beautiful book, both visually and the content.

Take Me To The Edge is made up of twenty nine poems of different lengths and styles, with different subjects. Each one is inspired by, and contains, five words sent to the poet, both by friends and strangers.

The poems are really enjoyable to read, they have a lovely flow, and I felt almost a sense of comfort while I was reading them. Katya Boirand is clearly a skilled wordsmith, weaving the words she is sent seamlessly into the poems she writes.

As I previously mentioned, as well as the poetry, this book is also visually beautiful. Each different poem is accompanied by a styled portrait of the person who submitted their five words. The photos are artistic and really interesting to pore over as you read the poems. The portraits were taken by Swedish photographer Eli Sverlander.

After the poetry and the portraits, is a section dedicated to the people who submitted the five words, with the words they chose and a small description of the person and their connection to the author. Personally, I loved this section because I was so curious as to what the different five words were in each poem. It’s a lovely addition to the book.

Physically, the book is also striking. It’s a small book, at only 80 pages. It is hardback, with glossy, quality pages that compliment the content, which is presented well – the poems are printed on plain white pages, with the only decoration being the portraits on the opposite page. It really makes the text stand out, so the poems are the main focus on the page.

I really did enjoy Take Me To The Edge, it was a complete change from the type of book I would usually try, and a welcome one. I will absolutely be returning to it time and again.

About the author

French-born and half-English, it was never clear where home was for Katya Boirand. A childhood on the Isle of Wight, dance and performing arts school in Surrey, university in Kent then Paris, and acting school in New York meant that life was always on the move.

Katya finally put down some roots in London in 2013, to put pen to paper as well as mould an acting career. Her writing includes screenwriting, poetry and exploring the world of a diarist. Take Me To The Edge is her first collections of poems in print.

Katya has a highly engaged Instagram following who continue to collaborate with her on new poems.


Many thanks to Anne Cater and Unbound publishing for allowing me to take part on this Random Things book tour, and for supplying me with a copy of the book in exchange for an honest rewiew.

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