Welcome to this week’s ‘Two For Tuesday’, a weekly post hosted by myself, The Reading Nook, where each week I pick a bookish topic and discuss two of my favourite (or least favourite) things about that topic! If you feel like joining in, feel free to use the above picture, and don’t forget to link back to the post so everyone can see!

This week’s topic is : Two authors I can’t resist

Sometimes I don’t even need to know what a book is about, the fact that a certain author has written is it enough. There are certain authors that I will always keep an eye out for. The two that jump into my head immediately are:


Jodi Picoult

I think I have a little reader crush on Jodi Picoult. Her books and her writing are beautiful. They usually feature a character who is facing a difficult choice, or situation, e.g. abortion, racial discrimination, suicide pacts etc. I love her books because they challenge how you think, and can raise important questions. They are well researched and flawlessly written. If I had to choose, I think my favourite Picoult novels are Leaving Time, My Sister’s Keeper, and Nineteen Minutes.

A Little About Jodi Picoult

Jodi Picoult was born in 1966, in New York. She graduated from Smithtown High School East. She studied creative writing at Princeton University. She earned a master’s degree in education from Harvard University. She also has two honorary Doctor of Letters degrees, from Dartmouth College, and the University of New Haven. Nineteen Minutes was her first book to debut at number one on the New York Times’ best seller list. She has three children, and she lives with them and her husband in New Hampshire.


Marian Keyes

Another amazing female author makes this list, and this amazing author is also a fellow Irish woman! Her books rarely fail to impress me, they always make me laugh out loud. They are not just funny though, they are also full of warmth, and full of heart, and they usually have serious themes which include addiction, domestic violence, and alcoholism. Some of these topics are things that Keyes has personal experience with, and she doesn’t shy away from writing about them in her novels. It is a testament to Keyes’ talent as an author that she can battle these topics, with incredible sensitivity but still manage to incorporate wit, and humour, into her stories. Her novels include titles such as Watermelon, The Break, and The Woman Who Stole My Life.

A Little About Marian Keyes

Firstly, she’s Irish, yay! (Did you know that I’m Irish? Did you guess?). She was born in 1963 in Limerick, and was raised in Dublin. She graduated from Dublin University with a law degree. She moved to London in 1986, where she battled with alcoholism and depression, culminating in an attempted suicide – all topics which she writes about in her books. She began writing short stories while she was suffering, later submitting them to be published. Subsequently, she wrote her first novel, Watermelon and has since released thirteen novels, and four works of non-fiction. She currently lives in Ireland with her husband Tony.


So, who are you favourite authors? Do you like my choices?

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