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So I kind of forgot to do monthly wrap up posts for April and May, but not this month! This month I am on it! Most of my reads this month were for book tours, only two of them were from my TBR pile – I think I’ve become a bit addicted to tours! I think it’s quite a good mix of books though – some thrillers, a heartbreaker, and one quite controversial one…

The Boy At The Door – Alex Dahl – Cecelia Walborg’s life is flipped upside down when she encounters Tobias – a disturbingly quiet young boy with no family that anyone can find. As her life spirals out of control, we learn things about her past that she had hoped to keep forever hidden.

The Sunday Girl – Pip Drysdale – Taylor Bishop is out for revenge – her controlling ex Angus has cheated on her, humiliated her, and abused her and she wants to get her own back. But revenge is never that easy, which is something Taylor begins to learn in a chilling and irrevocable way.

My Brother’s Name Is Jessica – John Boyne – Not a review so much as a discussion, John Boyne writes about Jessica, born a boy but who reveals to their family that they feel that they should have been born a girl. A book that has many problems, according to myself and many others – worth a read however, just to understand why it was so controversial.

Without A Trace – Carissa Ann Lynch – Nova’s young daughter Lily is missing. Fearing that her abusive ex husband Martin has taken her back, Nova contacts Ellie James, the local police officer. But the more Ellie investigates, the less convinced she is that Lily even exists. All evidence would say she doesn’t. But when Nova disappears, Ellie digs deeper and realises that things aren’t as they seem.

Distant Signs – Anne Richter – East Germany, post world war two. Hans and Margret are unhappily married, raising their family in a country still feeling the effects of the war. Their daughter, Sonja, challenges everything they know, and introduces them to the new world that is beginning to emerge.

The Maker Of Footprints – Sheila Turner Johnston – A complicated, heartfelt love story, set in scenic Northern Ireland, The Maker of Footprints tells the story of Jenna and Paul, and the hurdles they must overcome to try to be together. A love story for the ages, sure to have you reaching for the tissues.

There you have it, my wrap-up for June. There are some absolute gems in the list that I was lucky enough to read, and that I know will stay with me for a long while!

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