I’m quite pleased with the books I read in January – while I enjoyed some of them more than others, there are none of them that I disliked or regret spending time with. If I had to chose my favourite, I think it would be A Man Called Ove. It took me a little bit longer than usual to get through it, but it was a fantastic book.

In no particular order of preference, you can find the reviews of my January reads below.

When The Curtain Falls – Carrie Hope Fletcher – Olive and Oscar are two actors who find themselves falling for each other on the set of the play they are both appearing in, ‘When The Curtain Falls’. When strange things start happening in the theatre, they discover the ghosts of the theatre haven’t quite left.

Mr Peacock’s Possessions – Lydia Syson – Mr Peacock and his family move to a remote and isolated island. On the same day as their hired Islanders come to help they make the island habitable, their vulnerable son Albert disappears. The rest of the family and the Islanders try to find out what exactly happened to Albert, with some shocking results.

Somewhere Close To Happy – Lia Louis – Lizzie James is trying her best to live her life, and she’s doing just fine. She’s happy. Except for the fact that her best friend, Roman, disappeared 12 years ago without a word. And she’s just received a letter from him, dated on the day that he left. Now she must find him, and find out exactly why he left.

The Importance Of Being Aisling – Emer McLysaght & Sarah Breen – The long awaited sequel of Oh My God What A Complete Aisling sees Aisling having to move back home to BGB, unsure of what she’s going to do with her life, and where her relationship with the steady and dependable (and maybe slightly boring?) John is really going. Will she figure it out in her usual hilarious Aisling way? Or will she flounder?

A Man Called Ove – Fredrick Backman – Ove is a grump. He has no time for fools and idiots and unfortunately, most people that he seems to meet fall into those categories. With new neighbours insisting on trying to befriend him, and old neighbours insisting on asking for his help, Ove wishes they would all just leave him alone so he can try and join his wife.

The Magic Touch – Kelly Florentia – Emma knows that Harry is, and always has been, faithful to her. But when she sees a text from another woman on his phone, a phone that Harry is suddenly very protective of, she wonders if she was wrong all along. Is it because she keeps refusing to marry him? Or is Harry really as innocent as he says? It’s up to Emma to find out.

The Book Of Love – Fionnuala Kearney – Dom and Erin got married and started their family too young, and too quickly. Well, according to his parents anyway. Erin’s father gives them a notebook, which is to be their Book Of Love – where they can write to each other, things that they can’t say out loud. As time goes on and they face some serious struggles, the Book of Love proves to be much more than just a notebook.

And that’s my January wrap up! I can’t wait to see what books February brings for my February wrap up!


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