I’m a little bit late with this post, 4 days into March, what a bad blogger I am! Anyhoo, I read some really brilliant books in February, books that I haven’t stopped recommending to others since. While I haven’t read all of the books that I intended to read this month, I’m still happy with the ones that I did get to. They are as follows :

Uncommon Type – Tom Hanks  – Tom Hanks tells us how much he loves typewriters in this collection of short stories, with everything from time travel to space travel, and a bit of everything else thrown in for good (or bad, depending on your opinion..) measure. Did I mention the typewriters? Cause Tom Hanks sure did…

Until The Day I Die – Emily Carpenter – When Erin appears to go off the rails following the death of her husband, her family and friends send her to a rehab facility on a remote island. When it begins to seem that whoever sent her there doesn’t want her to return, it becomes a frantic race for Erin and her daughter Shorie to discover who the culprit is, and to escape the island on time.

The Heart’s Invisible Furies – John Boyne – Cyril Avery (adopted, you should know) is a young gay man, growing up in Ireland in a time when it just isn’t acceptable to be a young, gay man. As he gets older, he learns to accept himself, finds love, experiences extreme loss and heartbreak, and eventually comes home to a slightly more accepting Ireland, visits the place he was born, and so completes the cycle that began with his misfortunate birth.

Notes To Self – Emilie Pine – In her debut novel, Emilie Pine writes honest essays about her own life, chronicling her struggles with infertility, her alcoholic father’s near death, her family’s break up, and the everyday struggles of being a woman, in witty but searingly honest accounts.

A Ladder To The Sky – John Boyne  – Maurice Swift longs to be famous, and respected for his writing. The problem is, he’s just not very good at coming up with his own plots. Using the lives of the people around him as fodder for his stories, without a thought for anything but his own gain, Maurice finally gets the success he craves – but at what cost? And how can he keep his own star shining?

The Girl At The Border – Leslie Archer – Angela Chase is hiding from something, but what is it? She meets Richard at an archaelogical dig in Crete, and his death forces her to step out from the shadows to search for his missing daughter, Bella. Her secrets start to come out along the way, along with Bella’s, and it becomes a race against time to save the missing girl.

Little Face – Sophie Hannah – Alice Fancourt’s daughter has just been abducted, and a strange baby put in her place. Why won’t anybody else believe her? Fighting against her husband and her mother in law, Alice desperately tries to get the police to believe her and to find her daughter, before it’s too late for both the baby, and herself.

Girls Burn Brighter – Shobha Rao – Poornima and Savitha are two young girls, born into poverty in India. Already at a disadvantage because of their gender, the girls face a hard and cruel life. Separated by circumstances beyond their control, they spend the following years rising above the hardships forced upon them on their quest to reunite with each other and again be with the only friend either one of them has ever known.

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